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      Hitachi Construction Machinery


      Hitachi support your business

      ConSite closely monitors your machines’ operational status and alarms by sending monthly operational reports and notifying emergency alarms ensuring you have optimally operating machine(s) that meet your needs.

      Know more about ConSite

      ConSite Data Report

      ConSite Data Report

      The monthly report and the alarm report keep you continually informed about your machine’s operational status.

      ConSite Pocket

      ConSite Pocket

      ConSite Data report is now also available on your smartphone.

      ConSite OIL

      ConSite OIL

      ConSite OIL is the service to monitor the oil condition on the machines.

      ConSite Shot

      ConSite Shot is an app with which daily inspections and acceptance and delivery inspections of rental machines can be easily implemented on a smartphone.

      Steps to use ConSite Pocket

      Step1. Apply for a Global e-Service ID

      To check your machines? with ?ConSite pocket? first you need to apply for an ID.

      If you still do not have a Global e-Service ID, please inquire to your official Hitachi dealer.

      Step2. Download the App

      Download from Google play for androids

      Download from App Store for Iphones

      Step3. Log in and get started

      Log in with the your Global e-Service ID and your password.

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