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      Hitachi Construction Machinery



      Procurement policy

      Partnership policy

      At Hitachi we fully realize the value of developing trusting relationships with our valued suppliers

      Our open-door policy

      Regardless of whether a supplier is a domestic or overseas company, we do our utmost to insure free competition

      Selection of suppliers policy

      We evaluate and select suppliers based upon criteria such as quality, price, lead time, quality of management, technical standards and abilities

      Our policy for sharing information and maintaining confidentiality

      We attend to all suppliers’ offers sincerely, and are willing to offer necessary information to suppliers. At the same time, we realize that suppliers’ offers supply us with confidential or sensitive information. We always endeavor to maintain and keep such information strictly confidential.

      Strategic Planning Sec.
      Procurement Center
      Hitachi Construction Machinery Co.,LTD.

      • 650 Kandatsu-machi Tsuchiura city Ibaraki Japan

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