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      Hitachi Construction Machinery


      Mini Wheel Loaders

      Mini Wheel Loaders

      Operating in all seasons and various situations

      Hitachi Mini Wheel Loaders feature comfortable operability and enhance task efficiency, while the compact bodies achieve efficient loading work.
      In addition to snow removal, industrial waste disposal, livestock farming and forestry work, we offer specifications that shine in a variety of situations including pallet forks for the loading and unloading of cargo pallets.
      Among these offerings, Hitachi Mini Wheel Loaders with snow removal specifications are ideal for snow removal in limited spaces, such as store parking lots, around homes, on agricultural land and along agricultural roads that connect with public roads.
      Basic tasks such as loading and conveyance can be performed by exchanging attachments, and our Mini Wheel Loaders with snow removal specifications also offer versatile use in all seasons, earning high praise from customers.

      Note: The dealers do not always carry the listed products and specification may vary by region. For product coverage and specification in your region, please check with the dealer nearest you.

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